It's been twelve years since that day.
But i still remember it as if it was yesterday.
Fire, screams, explosions and blood.

I've crossed mountains, woods and rivers, but now i'm close.
This roulotte will be my last refuge, tonight i'll sleep in a bed.
New Nuric, the Promised Land, is only a few hours away.

SHROUD is a survival game where you can exchange body parts with robots for food and weapons. Doing so will make the game harder, but will give you money to buy food and resources. Will you survive?

  • WASD to move
  • Space to interact
  • E to buy
  • Left/Right arrow to shoot
  • P to restart the level
  • 1,2 and 3 to cycle weapons
  • TAB to open the stat menu
  • Click on the UI to use items


Original Version 0.1.10 22 MB

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